"We have struggled with many of the same issues for years. If they were easily solved, they would have been.  It is going to take a common sense, a sustainable approach, collaboration with our local organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce, Business Guild, Lodging and Innkeepers Associations, Last Stand, and the Community  Foundation.  It is going to require the participation of our citizens and leaders, and last but not least, it will require political will." -Teri


1. I Hear You  

"Issues vary by age, income, and district. Every resident in Key West needs to find their voice and use it. I want to hear why you live in Key West, what keeps you in Key West, and what would make you leave."


2. I Build Consensus

"On our city's commission, the mayor needs a consensus of four to move actions forward. How do you get to four votes? You have to be cognizant of how the vote will impact our community and each of the six districts. "

3. I Have Political Will

"One of the most challenging parts of sitting on the dais is facing vocal opposition.  You have to have the political will to make the tough decision that is in the longterm best interest for the majority of our community.     I can do that."  

Q&A: What do you think about closing Duval Street for pedestrian traffic?
Q&A: Why do you want to be mayor?

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