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We will never have a healthy economy until we have a healthy community. They are not independent of each other. They go hand in hand.  -Teri Johnston, Mayor of Key West
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Teri's Response to COVID-19:  "I have signed 12 emergency directives to protect our citizens and visitors which have been shared with the members of the Chamber of Commerce, Business Guild, Lodging Association, Key West Realtors, Restaurant Association, Tourist Development Council and everyone of our 8,700 business tax holders of the City as well as published in the Key West Citizen, Konk Life and the Keys Weekly publications.  I update and communicate with our residents on a weekly basis via a facebook post on the City of Key West site and also the Mayor of Key West site. I am featured on Bill Becker’s radio program every Monday morning at 8:20 AM and again on 104.9 radio at 7:00 PM every Wednesday evening and have recorded segments for NBC and ABC at the national level to keep the country updated on our Covid 19 status.  Last month I wrote a Covid 19 editorial for the Citizen for their weekend edition and have to date participated in Hometown and Chamber of Commerce debates both live streamed to our Community.  On April 15th, we started meeting with our business community via daily zoom meetings to coordinate a strategy and procedures to open our businesses back up slowly and safely.  Those conversations continue today."

Teri Johnston, Citizen Article
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